In Elmdon Park, Solihull
“The Church in the Park”

We meet each Sunday at 10.30am at Elmdon Church. There will be something for everyone; on the first and third Sunday of each month, our “Kids in Christ” group meets during the service. We are also live-streaming the service on Facebook and YouTube.

We’ll need to keep a confidential record of everyone who attends (for ‘track and trace’ purposes),and we also ask you to bring a face-covering.

Our main service is at 10.30am every week. There’s no dress code – we want to welcome you just as you are!

Sometimes we share bread and wine together, in commemoration of the Last Supper and in remembrance of Christ’s death and resurrection. This service is sometimes called ‘Holy Communion’ or ‘the Lord’s Supper’, and it lasts about an hour and a half.

On the second Sunday of the month we have a parade service for young people’s uniformed organisations. On the fourth Sunday we have our baptisms. These services last just under an hour each.

Whatever the service, we hear the Bible read and we ask God to help us learn more about him through it. We pray and sing. We get to know each other better, we hope, and help one another to be better followers of Jesus.

Children and young people are welcome at every service, and there’s always something for them to do. You can find out more by visiting our Families page.

In fact we want to welcome everyone, irrespective of age or anything else. The important thing is that you’re here.