In Elmdon Park, Solihull
“The Church in the Park”

Public Notices

We are currently applying to something called the Consistory Court for permission to dispose of a large 1970s reading desk. We haven’t used it since we modernised a few years ago, and we don’t think it is safe either. The court will want us to give people the chance to comment on our proposal, so please contact us if you want more information. But we would rather talk to you about Jesus!

Ref:2020-049502Church:Elmdon: St Nicholas

Form 4A
(Rule 6.2)
Public Notice
(general form)

In the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Birmingham
Church of Elmdon: St Nicholas
In the parish of Elmdon, St. Nicholas

NOTICE IS GIVEN that we are applying to the Consistory Court of the diocese for permission to carry out the following:

We want to dispose of a large 1970s reading desk. There are two reasons for this. The first, and primary, reason is that it has not been used for many years, and we can imagine no situation in which usage would resume. Related to this is the second reason, viz. that, besides being rather large, it is on wheels (originally, we assume, to allow it to be moved around more easily). The result is that, when used, it rolls from side to side every time the person using it stands or sits – and that feels rather unsafe.

Copies of the relevant plans and documents may be examined at

Elmdon Rectory
86 Tanhouse Farm Road
B92 9EY

(If changes to a church are proposed, a copy of the petition and of any designs, plans, photographs and other documents that were submitted with it must be displayed in the church or at another place where they may be conveniently inspected by the public.)



Date 07/06/2020

If you wish to object to any of the works or proposals you should send a letter stating the grounds of your objection to The Diocesan Registrar at

Shakespeare Martineau
No1 Colmore Square
B4 6AA

so that your letter reaches the registrar not later than 07/07/2020. A letter of objection must include your name and address and state whether you live in the parish and/or your name is entered on the church electoral roll of the parish or any other basis on which you have an interest in the matter.