In Elmdon Park, Solihull
“The Church in the Park”

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Ancient promise, future fulfilled

Abraham and the Patriarchs, then Romans chapters 9-11

10.30am at Elmdon Church

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6th Jan: Abraham
Genesis 17:1-22

13th Jan: Jacob and Esau
Genesis 25:19-34

20th Jan: Joseph
Genesis 37:1-8, 23-36

27th Jan: Exodus
Exodus 12:29-41

3rd Feb: God’s mercy, God’s choice
Romans 9:1-18

10th Feb: The bigger picture
Romans 9:16-29

17th Feb: Faith, not works
Romans 9:30-10:13

24th Feb: Good news
Romans 10:12-21

3rd Mar: God’s wonderful plan
Romans 11:1-36